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  1. Hey! I had some spare time today so I decided to check out your blog. 😛
    If you want to gain more readers, I’d recommend joining the Boolprop forums if you haven’t already. I looked for your legacy there in the Sims 3 sections but didn’t see it. It would be a great way for other people to find out about your story. 🙂
    I post mine over there and I’m pretty sure that’s where most of my readers come from. XD

  2. Hey. For the home page on my blog, I can only just make a link. How do I make it look like yours? For example you said .. Have any questions about anything? and then the link is the thing that says FAQ

    • The FAQ is a page I had already created if you want to make links to other pages you need to make pages from your Star bright tab on the top off the window(if your logged into word press) then to new then to new page then copy the link onto your home page, Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Do you mind me asking if you could vote on my heir poll instead of just liking it? I would really appriciate it…

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